Rot Gut Charlie

from by Beneath the Crow



Well way back long long ago
Something in his head had gone and broke
Charlie's mamma paid him no mind
And dad got put away when his boy was five
So he left home at the age of twelve
Out there hoppin frieght trains riding the rails
He got passed a jug and chugged away
And that's how he got the name rot gut Charlie

Charlie grew up like any kid
Just a sucker for a women or a fix
And like any fool he fell in love
With a woman on 94 where he hung his thumb
Sweet little lady took him all the way
She had beautiful brown hair and a place to stay
She maid him a bed in the place she called home
Where Charlie stayed while the whiskey soaked his bones

Charlie and Jane were a perfect match
On everything cept the swill and the cash
It was now time for Charlie to choose
Tween the love of his life and his beloved bottle of booze
And Jane cried if I swore I'd love you forever
Charlie baby could you ever get better
He turned around with a tear in his eye
Then thumbed it westbound down on 35

40 years later down the line
Jane's all that's left in Charlies sour mash mind
Sweet little lady gave him a ride
Ain't nothing but faded photos behind his eyes
in the alley where he now resides
charlie lays down in that bottle to die


from It's Fine, released November 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Beneath the Crow Minnesota

A dirt broke band from the Twin Cities, just drivin along til we run out of gas. Once we stop, we may just rest. If not we'll drink ourselves to death.

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